1.  Register as an artist

By regsitering as an artist, you gain access to the Artist's portal where you can upload your cards, manage your inventory, and interact with other artists.

2.  Upload your cards and setup your profile

When you're done registering, you'll be able to upload as many cards as you like. We'll provide you with all of the resources you need to position your cards for success!

3.  Watch the money start pouring in!

Once your cards have been approved, sit back and relax as the TheGreetingCardShop marketing team brings customers to you.

Currently, artists are paid 12% of the sale price for each card. This translates to $0.24 per card!


Establish a new distribution channel

Create a new distribution channel for your cards outside of retail stores at no cost to you.

Communicate with other artists in the Artist Forum

Talk to other artists about trends, what's selling, and ideas for new card art!

Manage Your Card Collections

Manage multiple card collections for different seasons, occasions, brands etc.


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