1.  Register as a partner

By regsitering as a partner, you gain access to our Partner portal where you can setup your greeting card programs to automatically send cards.

2.  Upload your cards and setup your profile

When you're done registering, you'll be able to upload as many cards as you like. Once a card is setup, it can then be used as part of an automated program.

3.  Start sending cards! As a partner, you are able to feed us as many cards as you'd like to send, and we'll make it happen!


Send a Thank You for a Donation or Sale

Imagine you receive a donation and would like to thank the person who sent it, or notify who it was made on behalf of. Or maybe you just sold a new product, and want to tell your customer how much it means to your company. Use TheGreetingCardShop to automate all of this and you'll keep your customers forever!

Say Happy Birthday - Without Remembering!

Say you've got a customer or friend that you need to send a birthday card to... But taking the time to send a card to each person is just impractical. Using TheGreetingCardShop, you can feed your firm's CRM data directly to us, and we'll do the sending. Best of all, the card is personalized for each recipient - of course!

Pay Only For What You Use

Because we only send a card when you want us to, you only pay us when a card goes out the door. No matter if you send 1 or 10,000 a day, we want to help!


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