Welcome to the year 2022! It wasn’t easy, but you did it! So much has changed coming into the new year, but a lot has also stayed the same. We may not need to quarantine for two weeks if exposed to Covid, but masks are still mandated in most indoor places around the world. As far as jobs are concerned, many companies have noticed that employees are more concerned about environmental issues and sustainability within the workplace now more than ever before. And the same can be said when it comes to greeting cards. One trend that hasn’t changed from 2021 is the popularity of eco-friendly mementos. Let’s take a look at some greeting card trends for 2022!


Eco-Friendly Greeting Cards

Consumers are more interested in purchasing cards that are recyclable and created with eco-friendly materials in an attempt to impact the environment. Bows, glitter and foil cannot be recycled, and these types of embossed cards usually come wrapped in plastic. Musical greeting cards contain mercury, which also cannot be recycled. The great thing about eco-friendly paper is not only is it good for the planet, but it doesn’t compromise the quality of the keepsake.


Personal Touch

Another trend that will most likely remain the same from the previous year is the use of the handmade effect. When people receive a greeting card, the personalization is what stands out most. Did you include a photo or custom stamp? Is your card handmade? Was the note inside sincere? Folds, cutouts, 3D elements and a foiled finish are also still trending, as it makes the card pop.

Birthday Card

Check out these fun Birthday cards for anyone that you can personalize
with your own text and photos!


Celebrate Everything

The pandemic has caused most people around the globe to quarantine away from loved ones during major holidays, birthdays, and other milestone celebrations. Everyone is looking for any excuse to celebrate their family and friends with even the littlest of moments to make up for lost time. Did your neighbor get a new puppy? Congratulate their new addition to the family! Did your dad keep a houseplant alive for more than 2 months? That’s definitely something to celebrate with a Thank You card from The Greeting Card Shop!

Thank You Card



People are slowly beginning to feel more comfortable celebrating gender and moving away from the stereotypical masculine and feminine greeting cards. It’s no surprise that during holidays such as Mother’s Day and Father’s Day, the former is full of pinks while the latter is full of blues. Not all men drink beer and fix their cars, just like not all women wear frilly dresses and red lipstick. It’s great to see more diverse and inclusive greeting cards lining store shelves. It really does make an impact when you can see yourself in an image.


Very Peri

Yes, that is the color of the year, according to Pantone’s Color of the Year. The color is a fusion of blue and violet red. Pantone has been choosing a color of the year since 1999 based on design trends, and the color choice often bleeds into fashion and design choices. Very Peri is a warm and whimsical shade, so the design possibilities for greeting cards are endless.

Very Peri


We can’t believe how fast the year flew, but we hope these new greeting card trends will make you excited for all of the small occasions you can celebrate with your family and friends! And The Greeting Card Shop will always be here to help make those moments special. Our high-quality greeting cards are efficient and have the ability to be personalized as much or as little as you wish. We have an array of cards in numerous categories for everyone you can think of, including military. If you can’t find something specific, never fear! We have blank templates for you to create as far as your imagination can go!


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