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Design A Line

So you want to "Design a Line" huh!

Here's where you can get fancy with your one liners. 


  •  After you have selected the desired card and clicked on the "personalize" button, click on the Front, Left, Right or Back thumbnail below the card image.

  •  Click on the "Design A Line" button; located on the bottom left of your personalization page.
     A preview text box will appear on the card.

  •  Type your message in the upper left hand box provided.  Highlight the text in order to edit.

Now is when you can design that line!

  • Choose the desired font style.

  • Reposition your message by placing the cursor directly on the text box and dragging it to the desired location on the page.

  • Resize as needed by placing and clicking your cursor on any of the "round" anchor points and pulling/pushing in any direction.

  • Rotate your message by selecting the green anchor point.

  • Add Color and/or choose an Outline Color and Thickness.

  • You can get even fancier by choosing a Text Effect style.

Great job!  You're done!

     Note:  You can add multiple one line messages by selecting "Design Another Line".


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