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How to Personalize Your Card

So, you're ready to personalize!  Let's do it!

After clicking on the "personalize" button:

  • You will need to choose the page where you want to write your message.
    Select the Front, Left, Right or Back thumbnail, located immediately below the main card image.

  • Click on the “Write Out Your Card” button. (Left side of page)

  • A text preview box will appear directly on the main card image.  This is only to preview your message.

Your personalization tools will be located on the left side and above the main card image.

  • Ensure the pre-set text inside the message box is highlighted before you begin to write your message. (Top left)

  • Write your entire message. (Your message will auto wrap)

  • If you prefer a different font style, highlight the entire message and select the desired font from the drop down.
    (Located immediately below the message box)

  • While your text is highlighted you may left, center or right align your message.

  • While your text is highlighted you may change the color by clicking on the inverted drop.  Click OK when done.

  • While your text is highlighted you may choose the font size from the drop down box.

You may add an Outline to the font (crossed out inverted drop) and also control the outline thickness by moving the slider button left to right.

Great job!  You're done!

Note:  You may reposition your message block by placing your cursor directly on top of the preview text box (located on the main card image) and dragging to the desired position. Please remember to keep your preview text box inside the Safe Area for Text (green tab on bottom). If you leave the page simply click on the text preview box to reactivate your message tools.


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