Greeting Card Etiquette to Remember This Holiday Season

A Christmas card was sold at auction in the UK for $28,158. According to the Guinness Book of World Records, it was the world’s first Christmas card. It was sent by Sir Henry Cole, the inventor of the Christmas card, to his grandmother in 1843.

First Christmas Card
Sir Henry Cole’s First Christmas Card

With the expansion of the British Postal System in 1940, people were able to send letters for one penny. Sir Cole began to receive stacks and stacks of letters. (Back then, it was considered rude not to write back.) In order to respond to everyone in a timely manner, he had someone illustrate the above image. Thousands of copies were made. They read, “A Merry Christmas and A Happy New Year to you.” Sir Cole personalized each card with their name. People soon began sending their letters out as cards during Christmastime too. As of today, nearly a billion and a half Christmas cards are sent each year in the U.S.


There’s proper etiquette and wedding etiquette. Did you know greeting card etiquette also exists? When sending anything through the mail, it’s always important to maintain a sense of politeness. Here is some greeting card etiquette to remember this holiday season:


Inclusive Greetings

It’s always okay to send a holiday card if you’re not sure what holiday your recipient celebrates. Consider writing Season’s Greetings, Happy Holidays, or Happy New Year. Including neutral, non-religious wording shows that you were thinking of them.

Greeting Card Etiquette
Glow of the Season

A Physical Card

We know these past couple of years have been tough, working from home. It may seem fitting that after conducting everything via online meetings and emails to just send an e-card. That just isn’t the case! A physical card in the mail is much more personal. Older friends who aren’t as computer savvy will always enjoy the extra effort of an old-fashioned holiday card. People love to display their cards in their home for that extra special holiday feeling.


A Timely Delivery

Make sure to place all of your cards in the mailbox by the first week of December. This ensures your recipient gets their card with plenty of time to display it. Never miss sending your personalized mail. Schedule your cards with The Greeting Card Shop for a stress-free and fun-filled holiday all season long! How To Schedule Your Cards


Include a Return Address

A return address is important on the off-occasion your mail gets lost. It’s also helpful for those who wish to return the favor and mail a card back to you!



There is no rule that says you HAVE to include a photo with your card. Many people opt not to, and that’s absolutely ok! If you do include a photo, make sure it’s an appropriate that can be displayed on someone’s fridge!

Holiday Cards
Snowman and Teddy Bear

Well Wishes

Not a wordsmith? That’s totally okay! Feel free to write a similar message in each of your cards. Just keep your professional greetings separate from your personal ones. If something special has happened to one of your friends or family members, consider mentioning that in your well wishes!


Keep a List

He’s making a list, checking it twice… Keep a list of people’s addresses and who you usually send holiday cards. This will help you keep organized and ensure you don’t forget anyone. If someone sent you a card this year, consider sending them one next year!

Greeting Card Etiquette
Beach Holiday

Business Etiquette

It’s always considerate to send holiday greetings to clients and vendors. It shows that you were thinking of them and appreciate the hard work they put in all year long. We recommend not including a photo of you and your family to keep the card more formal.


Addressing your Holiday Greetings

Informal: John and Mary Smith
Formal: Mr. and Mrs. Smith
Couple with different last names: John Smith and Mary Brown
A family: The Smith Family
A family with different last names: John Smith and Mary Brown (Insert children names underneath)

Greeting Card Etiquette
Hot Chocolate Greetings


Sending holiday cards are a fun way to keep in touch with your loved ones. They are also a great way to thank everyone who works for you. As long as you maintain greeting card etiquette, everyone is going to enjoy their cards all season long!

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