Send a personalized card for August 1st: National Friendship Day!

Don’t worry – there’s still time to create and send a custom Friendship Day greeting card to all of your besties!

Not sure what to send? No problem! Let’s take a look at some card options:

Just sending a message to see what’s new: Bright Mailbox


Just dropping you a line to say… Drop a Line


The best feeling… is knowing there’s someone who cares: Teddy Bear Care

Are none of these options working for you? That’s where YOU come in! Upload a photo of their face to the front of your greeting card! We’re talking a nice ol’ close up where you can see all the pores on their cheeks, or maybe a super cute photo of when the two of you were eating ice-cream at five-years-old! Now that’s true friendship!

Dust off your writing skills and draft up a nice poem to include inside of your personalized Friendship Day card! Your friends will not only appreciate how much effort you put into creating their card, but they will be sure to treasure it for years to come!

Maybe it’s been a hectic year for your friend – perhaps they were unemployed or had to postpone their wedding all because of the pandemic. Whatever the reason may be, this year was definitely hard on everyone. Consider including a Visa gift card alongside your custom card for a special pick-me-up they are sure to feel lucky to receive!