The Greeting Card Shop’s Top 3 April Holidays

April may bring lots of showers, but at least we have more holidays to hold us over! April blooms fresh flowers, and the Easter Bunny is ready to hide eggs all over town. It’s certainly a month full of laughter, spending time with family, and spreading smiles, which is something we certainly love to do.

Here is a list of The Greeting Card Shop’s Top 3 April Holidays perfect to personalize a greeting card:


Passover (April 15th)


This Jewish holiday commemorates the Hebrews’ liberation from slavery in Egypt. For 8 days, all leaven (a substance, typically yeast, that makes dough rise) is prohibited. Unleavened bread, matzo, is eaten instead to symbolize the Hebrews’ suffering. Passover is typically celebrated with a special family meal on the first night, called the seder. Foods that symbolize the significant celebration are eaten and prayers are said throughout the week. Sharing your blessings in a greeting card with those who celebrate Passover is a special way to celebrate the holiday.

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Easter (April 17th)


Easter is a day that commemorates the resurrection of Jesus. It is a Christian holiday proceeded by Lent, a 40-day period of fasting and prayer. While Easter traditions have varied over the years, the holiday is typically celebrated with a church ceremony in the morning, followed by a big meal with family. The Easter Bunny was a tradition that arrived a bit later. In the 1700s, German immigrants transported their tradition of an egg-laying hare. A creature called the Oschter Haws would lay colorful eggs. Easter is the perfect opportunity to send a greeting card. Consider hiding the card in an Easter basket for children (or adults!) with their favorite chocolates.

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Confirmation and Communion (All Spring)

April and Spring

COMMUNION, usually occurring between the ages of 7-9, is a ceremony that involves a Christian’s rite to eat the bread and drink the wine, taken for the first time, during church. CONFIRMATION, usually occurring between the ages 12-17, is a sacrament for Christians where the holy spirit gives the ability to practice their faith in every aspect of their lives.

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Upcoming: Mother’s Day (May 8th)

Mother's Day Greeting Cards

We thought you might like to get a jump start on the second most card-sending holiday out there! In 1907, a woman who organized women’s groups that promoted friendship and health created Mother’s Day. It is a day devoted to celebrating Moms, Grandmothers, Aunts and Moms-to-be for all of their passion and hard work. The day is typically celebrated with family for a special meal, and flowers and cards are shared.

Choose from our wonderful selection of MOTHER’S DAY cards for your Mom, Grandmother, Aunt or Friend. Wish those special Moms a relaxing and stress-free Mother’s Day, and consider adding a gift card so they could buy themselves a special treat!


Personalize your greeting cards today!

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We hope you have a very special month filled with a hopping good time. Follow us on Instagram for more holiday fun!

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