The Greeting Card Shop’s Top 3 November Holidays

November isn’t all about cyber deals and holiday prep. The weather is starting to change, and the leaves are turning their gorgeous oranges and reds. It’s also a time to reflect on what we have in our lives. It’s also a great time to send greeting cards for some special November holidays! Here is a list of The Greeting Card Shop’s Top 3 November Holidays perfect to personalize a greeting card:


Thanksgiving (November 25th)


Thanksgiving is all about gratitude and sharing your thanks with family, friends, and people you work with. Sharing how much you care about the people in your life can be done with something as simple and upbeat as a personalized greeting card. Retailers can use this holiday as an opportunity to not only thank their customers, but share any upcoming cyber and holiday deals. People love to receive cards in the mail because it shows them that you were thinking of them. Write a punny Thanksgiving joke inside, and they will surely have acorn-y day! Share a photo from your favorite Thanksgiving meal together, and it will surely give ‘em pumpkin to talk about. Our variety of Thanksgiving Greeting Cards are perfect for anyone, family, romance, and military!


Season’s Greetings (All Holiday Long)

Seasons Greetings

Holiday cards are the perfect opportunity to share your love and appreciation for all of those special people in your life. Season’s Greetings serves as an inclusive term that doesn’t include any religious or specific wishes. It is especially great if you’re unsure of what holiday they celebrate during the winter season. Send holiday messages to your co-workers and colleagues to show how much you admire the work that they’ve done all year. Choose from a variety of Season’s Greetings Cards for anyone.


Hanukkah (November 28th)


Celebrate 8 crazy nights with custom greeting cards on the first night, last night, or every special night! Hanukkah is a traditional time for food, family, singing prayers and songs, lighting the menorah each night, playing the dreidel game, and giving gelt (money) or gifts. Spread love and holiday cheer to loved ones, friends, and co-workers. Create your messages before Thanksgiving to ensure a timely delivery amidst the holiday postal rush. Consider leaving some gelt in the form of a gift card if you’re unable to see a loved one during the Hanukkah celebration. They will be sure to love you a latke! Browse through our fun Hanukkah Greeting Cards for anyone, family, and Interfaith.


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We hope you enjoy this gravy-tastic month!

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