Tips for Creating the PERFECT Greeting Card!

The best part about the entire Greeting Card Shop personalization process is that YOU control EVERYTHING! The personal message you want to write… the photos you want to include… everything is all up to you! But there is a BIG difference between a masterpiece and a standard greeting card. Utilizing our new, improved design tool is the first step, but there are a few tips to ensure that your final product is EXACTLY as you envisioned it!

Tip 1. Watch out for the dotted line!

This is the NUMBER 1 tip that we have for all of our greeting card designers – look out for the faint dotted line when personalizing your card. This is the bleed line. What does that mean exactly – this is where our professional TGCS Team Members will trim the card to ensure it is the perfect size to send! If you want to fill up the entire area with a picture, please note that everything outside of that line will be cut off (Please note, the final preview OMITS this line.) 

See the dotted line? STAY INSIDE IT!

Tip 2. Customize the interior AND exterior!

We have an amazing Design Team who throw all of their talents into creating each and every one of our greeting cards. Yet that doesn’t mean that each card design is PERFECT as is. To create a true masterpiece, consider personalizing both the interior AND exterior. We have personalized our own card using a design from a Madison Park Greetings artist, Hoopla! Letters. Her amazing greeting cards can be found at the Madison Park Greetings website. 

New graphic added to front… but inside the dotted line!

Tip 3. Don’t worry about copyright laws!

This is YOUR personal design, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t add references to things that aren’t original. The Greeting Card Shop is not selling your design! You are in control. So if you want to throw in your favorite music lyric or movie quotation, go for it!

The text may not be originally your own, but you are not profiting off its use.

Now that you know our Top Three Tips, what are you waiting for?

Start creating your own masterpiece, hot stuff…