How to Personalize Your Card

Create Your Own Card with our “Personalize” Feature

Our easy-to-use design tools allow you to personalize any of our card designs!
You will be able to upload your own photos, add your unique text and create your own personalized card.

To Begin…

Once you have selected your card, you will have two options: Add to Cart (As Is) or Personalize!

After you click on the “Personalize” button, our NEW personalization section will load an image of the front and back of your selected card! There will be two thumbnail images beneath the large displayed card image, allowing you to seamlessly switch between the outside and inside of the card.

***Please note if the Personalize button does not appear, your browser may have a 3rd party blocker activated and will need to be deactivated (or put into incognito mode) to see the button.   Also, please clear your browser’s cache history will help this issue.  Click here for instructions***

On the left-hand toolbar, you will find your “Insert a Photo” options.

You can either:

  • Upload photos from your computer or phone
  • Search Pixabay – a free stock photo service with thousands of images available
  • Login to Facebook to access your photos
  • Login to Instagram to access your photos

On the top toolbar, you will find both your “Insert Text” options and Standard commands.

These include:

  • “Undo” and “Redo” buttons (curved arrow icons)
  • “Add Text to Canvas” button (an upper case “T” icon)
  • “Reload Design” button to start over (a circle of two arrows icon)
  • “Close” button to go back to the card selection (an “X” icon)
  • “Preview” button to see your finished creation upon completion

When you select the “Add Text to Canvas” button, a text box with “Your text here” will appear on your card design.

A new toolbar will also appear with new options:

  • “Color” button allows you to change the color of your text (rainbow paint droplet icon)
  • “Delete Item” button allows you to delete the selected item (trash can icon)
  • “Align Items” button allows you to select your text box’s position on the canvas (rectangle and square underneath a line icon)
  • “Layer” button allows you to select layered order of objects (stack of three squares icon)
  • “Edit Text” button selects your text so you can change your text (pencil with a line icon)
  • “Bold Text” button bolds the text in your text box (uppercase “B” icon)
  • “Italicize Text” button italicizes the text in your text box (slanted uppercase “I” icon)
  • “Text Alignment” button selects your text alignment with each click (left, center, right, justify)
  • “Text Size” button changes the size of your text by sliding the cursor the left or right for smaller and larger respectively (uppercase “T” with arrow icon)
  • “Toggle TextBox Mode” button changes the style of the text in your text box (icon changes depending on which style selected – arched, text wrapping)
  • Font Dropdown Menu list a variety of different fonts for your text

When you are finished personalizing both the exterior and interior of your card, hit the green “Preview” button to preview your work.

When previewing your work…

You will be prompted that “This is how your design will look. Do you wish to submit now?

All you need to do to save and complete your card is hit the green “Submit” button!

Congratulations – you created your own personalized card!