How to Select Your Card

All cards are 5×7 paper greeting cards, (size cannot be adjusted) printed on 12pt cardstock.

Cards are organized by category.

Select a card by clicking on the image of your choice.

Depending on where you click, you will see either a pop-up or a new window displaying the selected card. There will be four (4) thumbnails displayed below the main card image. You can select these individually to view the front, inside and back of the card.

At this point, you’ll choose whether or not to personalize your card. Click the appropriate button to proceed: “I’d like to personalize now” or “Send to me as is.”

“I’d like to personalize now” will allow you to edit your card with images and text.

“Send to me as is” will add the card to your shopping cart with no personalization.

Are you ready for the next step? OK, let’s personalize a card! Take me there