How to Pick the Perfect Christmas Card

We have Christmas cards for Anyone, Family, Interfaith, Military, and Romantic. They come in an array of funny, religious, simple, and intricate designs. The best way to pick out the perfect Christmas card is to first make a list of the people you wish to send a card to. After you complete your list, follow these 3 easy steps:


Think about your relationship to that person.

Think about what each individual person means to you. Would your Dad enjoy a funny card? The more you know about your recipient, the easier it is to pick a card that best suits their personality. Just remember – you probably wouldn’t send the same card to your mom that you would to your boss!

Think about what that person likes.

Think about their favorite color, their hobbies, their personality. If they’re more outgoing, they would probably enjoy a vivid design over something simple. A person who loves to tell jokes will most likely welcome a funny greeting card. If your card recipient adores penguins, they would definitely cherish their penguin card.

What kind of message do you want to write?

Your message can be as creative or simple as you want it to be. Did something important happen in your life that you would like to share with your family members? Did something important happen to them? Adding a memorable message adds to the cards specialness. Take your time! Remember, a simple Merry Christmas goes a long way!

Still need help?

Don’t worry – we’ve got you covered! Here are some of our favorite images. We hope they give you a boost of inspiration as you choose the perfect Christmas card:



Romantic Christmas Cards

We have a variety of romantic cards perfect for a Boyfriend, Girlfriend, One I Love, Fiancé, and Sweetheart, like this classic Sweetheart Elves. The traditional style of the elves really share a sweet message for that special someone in your life.



Military Christmas Cards

Our Military cards are perfect for sending a message to someone who can’t be with their own families this holiday season. This American Christmas greeting card really represents that feeling of being home for the holidays. It’s also a comforting design to use if you’re not sure what branch of the armed forced they serve in.



Holiday Cards

This card would be right up a penguin-loving person’s alley! Holiday or Season’s Greetings are great inclusive messages to send to someone who you may not know what holiday they celebrate. This Into Your Heart penguin card is sweet enough for a child, but can used for a penguin-loving adult as well.



Funny Christmas CardsFunny Christmas Cards

These are two of our favorite funny Christmas cards. Kidnapping Santa’s Little Helper takes the classic Elf on a Shelf to a whole new level, and can be used for anyone with a keen sense of humor. Broken Silence is another favorite, perfect for a Dad who has put up with his kids through the good times and the bad.



Perfect Christmas CardPerfect Christmas CardPerfect Christmas Card

With cards for everyone in the family, you will never feel lost for variety. We have simple designs like Brotherly Christmas Love, adorable cartoon images similar to Mouse in the House that kids will adore, and classic pictures like For Someone Sweet that you could use for a friend, co-worker, or neighbor.


Show the people you care about how much they mean to you this holiday season. With a personalized card from The Greeting Card Shop, your recipients will appreciate that you were thinking of them. Create the perfect Christmas card today! Follow us on Instagram for more upcoming holiday tips and videos!

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